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Apr 6 / Tiziana La Melia

Einstein on the Beach: The Changing Image of Opera

I found myself this afternoon walking up and down a short stretch of Sunset Blvd., in Silverlake.

I met up with Mikael, sipped smoothies. Walked smooth. To and from our respective crossroads.

He mentioned Philip Glass Opera Einstein on the Beach, which feels like the right thing to be looking at right now.

She says, it feels right.

Feeling encouraged by the abstract dance sequences by Lucinda Childs, and the endurance of non-narrative form.

Philip Glass says, “We had taken a person, and made it the subject of the piece. In a way the person replaces the idea of plot. In other words the character of the person becomes what the piece is about. The more you know about the person the better.”


Another approach to Opera, f’r instance, the late Robert Ashley h’re, who I have been late to but getting into, nat’rly

from Part 5: The Living Room (The Solutions) of Perfect Lives, a Television Opera (1978–83)


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