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Feb 10 / Tiziana La Melia

Confidential Report

It is the most photogenic thing she has ever made. In the jpegs it is impossible to see it. And I am too far away to see that it’s really a picture of cardboard on top of coroplast.

When I saw the cardboard cutout chosen for duplication I felt excited. I googled Deanna Troi, and quickly found out that free astrological sites don’t predict up to the year 2336.

In a few days I’ll be leaving Vancouver to visit Los Angeles, where I will be visiting a person with extra sensory empathy. I haven’t knowingly exchanged energy fields with a telepathic stranger since 2003, when I got a ride from Winfield to Vancouver by a man from Vernon. I don’t remember his name, but I went to school with his daughter, and he bought coffee from my mom. He admitted to me that my mother was good (good vibes?) that he saw ghosts (pointing at one hanging out at the gas station), and that I had negative vibes. This made me sadder than I already was, so I knew it had to be true (his pointing out ghosts). He probed deeper, asking me questions about where I was going in life. Are you happy? Tell me about your boyfriend. Essentially acting as some kind of psychic counselor. He taught me a meditation technique. I felt dizzy.

The title of the exhibition reminded me of a book I handed down to Nadia during our days in the Firehall Studio at Guelph, R.D. Laing’s The Divided Self, a book I bought second hand as a teenager. Nadia became more intimate with it than I ever did, and applied it as a kind of manual to understand decisions in her photographs. So perhaps it is apt that we now have a counselor with the psionic ability to sense emotions to look to for advice.

I’ve been meaning to buy a long distance phone card. Waiting to pay at No Frills, I saw the reliable Ci Ci, my favorite. But I don’t get it, so Nadia walks into a bar and calls me.

Lying on the chaise, sometimes the iPhone on my shoulder slides down to my stomach. We’re at the bar together, despite the distance. I’m taking notes, analyst with no diagnosis.

A bouquet of gypsophilia sits on the coffee table.

Did you get the pictures what do you think?

I see some cardboard cutouts free standing in the gallery…There are two and it looks like she is talking in a mirror.

Something about them touching, trying to convince you that two images are one, that is funny. Touching. I decided to use both – what’s that thing that that guy said

(Types in ‘thesis notes’ in finder.)

You mean what J was talking about that time –  Max Ernst’s description of collage as the encounter of two or more realities

(Finds note and reads it out loud.)

“intrinsically incompatible realities on a surface which is manifestly inappropriate for the purpose, and the spark of poetry which leaps across the gap as these two realities are brought together” – good thing I have notes on hand. I wonder what this has to do with the undecided self.

What is funny about that?

It’s too light


for a heavy subject?
 When you walk in there’s nothing pressing about it – they look pressed or squished but feel light.

It’s made of coroplast? A picture a plastic cardboard? 
It’s a picture of cardboard on top of coroplast? Where’s the clue? The glitch? From my phone I’m uncertain about what I see.

The sound to Star Trek. That feels fine…it doesn’t sound like TV, it sounds like Star Trek…..

So Star Trek sounds like fine?

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