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Feb 21 / Tiziana La Melia

Cut Outs

It is February.


And I have never had a winter tan.

On my too watch and to do list.


The women here have long hair.


One woman brushes her hair in the front lawn along the Redwood Hwy,

too long to brush indoors.


Hair as a kind of clock that stops just past your ass, split ends like long seconds.

Rubyliths used to filter views rather than headline selected images.

You text a bouquet of baby’s breath and

I was thinking: style mistakes shape for form.


Lost in the abstraction of news.




Be casual.


Where are we?

Crescent City.

Croissant City?

u mm yes, Crescent City.

The next day.

I want a croissant.

I visualize crescents in croissants. Its like I see a croissant through baby eyes.

Plus she went through a croissant drawing period.

Don’t be embarrassed.



A full moon.

Even in the dark,

Surfaces are marked

With pastel colours

Developed out

Of extended periods

Of sunlight.

It has been a long time

Since I worried

Or wondered

About the Juan de Fuca Plate.


scan 01

Not yet titled scan by Nadia Belerique, 2013.





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